4 ways to address Mental Health at Work

Mental health can play into how well you perform at work, sometimes we are so consumed in our work we do not notice the decline in our mental state. Here are 4 ways to help guide you towards addressing and creating a healthy headspace.

” When you’re not in the right headspace, being at work can be difficult. Whether it’s depression, burnout, anxiety or something else, struggling with your mental health while you’re waiting tables or sitting behind a desk can disrupt your life and your job. But there’s a stigma to taking time off to care for your mental health that’s not present with physical health. The mindset is, “Just work, work, work, push through it and get to the other end and deal with it,” says Jody Adewale, a Los Angeles-based psychologist and medical advisor for the mental health advocacy foundation, Made of Millions.”

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