Office of Healthcare Equity UW Medical School Pathways

The required curriculum at the University of Washington School of Medicine is designed to prepare students for diverse careers in medicine. Recognizing many students’ desire to work with underserved populations, the school has created five Pathways that offer students the opportunity to pursue their interest and develop knowledge and skills specifically tailored to working with underserved populations here and abroad.

Partner Pathways

Through the Department of Global Health

Through the Department of Family Medicine


The Office of Healthcare Equity offers the following courses:

CONJ 570 Clinical Management of Transgender Patients

FAMED 525 African American Health and Health Disparities

FAMED 556 Spanish for the Health Professional

FAMED 561 LGBTQ Health and Health Care Disparities

MED 557 Hispanic Health and Healthcare Disparities

UCONJ 530 Indian Health Issues: Past, Present and Future

Other Programs

Community-focused Urban Scholars Program (CUSP) is a comprehensive approach to diversifying the UW School of Medicine student population and addressing WWAMI’s urban underserved physician workforce shortage through community-based medical school training.