Husky Pride OutList

What is the Husky Pride OutList?

A published list of LGBTQ+ faculty, staff, and trainees who have voluntarily added their names for the purpose of: 

  • Advocacy through visibility further increasing access for UW Medicine patients, students, and colleagues to LGBTQ+ providers and educators/mentors in an effort to improve the lives and health of this diverse community 
  • Networking and community building 
  • Recruitment and retention of LGBTQ+ faculty, staff, and trainees to our diverse and vibrant work and scholastic environment 

Why the need for an OutList?

  • People who carry a sex and/or gender marginalized identity often feel isolated due to this being an “invisible” identity. An OutList enhances our LGBTQ+ visibility at UW Medicine to help remind those who are feeling alone that we’re here, we’re queer, and ready to support our UW QMED Community 
  • Representation is an invaluable asset to medicine and health systems. As research indicates, LGBTQ+ patients avoid or delay care because of prior experience with or fear of discrimination/stigma
  • Normalizing the diversity of gender and sexuality in professional spaces (especially within healthcare) is key to changing behaviors of presumptive cis-/het- normativity, and reducing biases rooted in stereotypes that go unchallenged. to a lack of awareness of LGBTQ+ identities that surround them in their social, faith, collegial, and other circles

What impact can the Husky Pride OutList make?

  • Every member of the Husky Pride OutList contributes to increasing queer visibility at UW Medicine for our staff, colleagues, students, visitors, and patients 
  • Reduce LGBTQ+ health disparities, especially in the intersections (QTBIPOC), by improving the community’s access to a diverse population of LGBTQ+ health professionals who deliver evidence based and inclusive care, free from stigma, stereotypes and discrimination 
  • Strengthens our commitment to health equity, diversity, and inclusion locally and across all of our WWAMI sites/partners 
  • An OutList could help close the care/knowledge gap that remains, due to the disparity of time and attention spent on LGBTQ+ health topics taught in medical and health service academic programs 
  • Develop and strengthen connections across disciplines, institutions, and regions for LGBTQ+ centered discussion, networking, and health innovations. 
  • Strengthen and in some cases repair, the trust between patients/providers so that our most vulnerable populations (veterans, immigrants, aging, QTBIPOC, etc.) feel they can be honest with their providers, free from fear or discrimination.
    At-Risk and Underserved: LGBTQ Older Adults in Seattle/King County
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Second-year students outside the Medical Student Lobby in the Health Sciences Building at the UW School of Medicine.

Time Commitment

  • There is no time requirement for being included on the OutList. If you choose to participate in the QMED Mentorship Program, the time commitment is flexible, student-driven, and you can withdraw your name at any time
  • You may remove your name from the list at any time 

By adding your name to the Husky Pride OutList, you agree to   

  • Have your professional profile and photo (if available) displayed on the UW Husky Pride OutList public webpage. Phone numbers will not be published on the public webpage 
  • Publish your intersectional social identities on a public, UW-supported webpage on a voluntary basis and acknowledge that there is no compensation for enrolling in the UW Medicine Husky Pride OutList 

Husky Pride OutList Details 

  • The OutList is managed by the UW School of Medicine Office of Healthcare Equity and QMED Leadership  
  • The personal information collected for inclusion in the OutList includes your name, pronouns, social identities, hospital/clinic location, and medical specialty. Your UW email address will only be posted with your consent 
  • LGBTQ+ includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning. The plus sign “+” symbolizes all of the many, additional sexual and gender minority identities beyond just LGBTQ 
  • You can update your information at anytime, if needed. If you are a UW Medicine student, your information will be transferred to the Q-Alumni list after your date of graduation 
  • Participation is completely voluntary and you may withdraw your information at any time by sending an email
Rainbow background, text "QMED is the queer medical student organization at the University of Washington School of Medicine

QMED Mentorship Program

  • Participation in the QMED Mentorship Program is a completely voluntary opt-in extension of the OutList. It allows us to address the need for positive role models who have navigated the intricacies of being a member of the LGBTQ+ community while undergoing professional development in medicine and health sciences 
  • Personal phone numbers are kept secure and only shared when requested by a UW Medicine trainee and mentor’s permission is first obtained 
  • Serves as a resource for LGBTQ+ UW Medicine employees, trainees, or patients who contact you about specific inquiries or networking 

Contact UW School of Medicine Office of Healthcare Equity with questions.