EDI Survey Dashboard

UW Medicine – Office of Healthcare Equity is pleased to be able to share our dashboard with you. Our goal in releasing this information is to promote transparency and trust. We anticipate that this dashboard will evolve over time, to help us track our progress and ensure accountability to our goals.

Public dashboard embedded below, or the button will take you to a full screen version.

More info and instructions on how best to explore the dashboard coming soon!
Requires VPN connection or access from a UW or UW Medicine network.


For a large number of departments and work units at UW Medicine, there were too few survey respondents, or the teams were too small to report findings broken out by department/unit level across identities while systematically maintaining the privacy of individual survey respondents.

  • Individual survey responses will not be made available to managers and leaders
  • Reports and data on dashboard managed to protect participant’s privacy
    • Results only presented in summary (aggregate) form so that no individual can be identified
    • Results only shared for groups with 10 or more respondents
    • For groups with 10 or fewer respondents, responses are suppressed
    • For fields that incorporate demographic information, a minimum of 100 survey responses required to display any information
    • Individual-level data will not be shared with anyone except as may be required by law, including the Public Records Act, Ch. 42.56 RCW