FAMED 561 LGBTQ Health and Health Care Disparities

FAMED 561 LGBTQ Health and Health Disparities 

LGBTQ Health & Health Disparities (FAMED 561) is a 1 credit non-clinical selective course which will rely on the experiences of physicians and experts who work actively with the LGBTW individuals. It is designed to help students strengthen their knowledge of the health care needs of the LGBTQ community through lectures from local LGBTQ providers, panel discussions, and small group activities.

FAMED 561 is typically the intro-course for students pursuing the LGBTQ Health Pathway and is open to any professional health or graduate-level students who are interested in LGBTQ Health.

Due to the specialized curriculum design that includes networking our students directly with physicians, mentors, social workers, and professional leaders in the greater-LGBTQ community, FAMED 561 is only offered every FALL QUARTER on the UW Quarterly Schedule. You may contact the Multicultural Education Manager Holly Kennison at sal20@uw.edu for more information.