Honoring Judy Heumann’s outsized impact

Original article appears on UW Create website:

Please take a look at UW CREATE’s (Center for Research and Education on Accessible Technology and Experiences) most recent article highlighting some of the astounding equity work championed by Judy Heumann.

“Judy Heumann — disability activist and leader, presidential advisor to two administrations, polio survivor and quadriplegic — passed away on Saturday, March 4. Heumann’s family invited the community to honor her life at a memorial service and burial that is now available on video with ASL, captioning, and English interpretation of Yiddish included.”

Who was Judy Heumann?

Judy Heumann fought for disabled rights and against segregation. She led the “longest “nonviolent occupation of a federal building in American history,” according to the New York Times. When communications were cut off by the government, she passed messages to supporters using sign language and received support from the Black Panthers and the Mayor of San Francisco. The protest led to successful action on section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.”

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