Improving Vaccine Equity: How Community Engagement and Informatics Facilitate Health System Outreach to Underrepresented Groups

This paper reports on the positive impact of COVID-19 vaccine equity outreach strategies deployed at UW Medicine in 2021. Strategic outreach to people from underrepresented groups via mobile vans, pop-up clinics, vulnerable population clinics, and automated scheduling improved the reach of vaccination over traditional scheduling. Strong community partnerships were a key ingredient of success!

This retrospective analysis was a collaboration between biomedical informatics researchers (Xie, Hartzler) and operational leaders in UW Medicine (Mah, Ruud, Chew, Lowery, Hernandez). We wish to thank Martine Pierre-Louis, Tricia Madden, Jenny Brackett, Nicholas Postiglione, Naomi Matana Shike, 10 CBOs, and countless other UW Medicine and community stakeholders in this effort.

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Healthcare Worker wearing a mask and holding a syringe