LGBTQ Health Pathway FAQ

When can I apply for the LGBTQ Health Pathway?

The deadline to apply is on December 1st of each year.

I am a current 3rd or 4th year medical student. Do I have the opportunity to complete the LGBTQ Health Pathway requirements before graduation?

Unfortunately, this pathway is currently only open to incoming first-year students and returning second-year students.

Can I be enrolled in more than one Pathway?

There is considerable overlap in the requirements in most of the Pathways so it could be feasible for a student to be enrolled in more than one. For example, it would make sense for a student to be enrolled in both the Underserved Pathway and the LGBTQ Health Pathway. However, it is very important to review the requirements carefully for some of the Pathways, especially the Indian Health Pathway, the Global Health Pathway and the Hispanic Health Pathway which all have specific Triple I / Scholarly Project requirements. It is highly recommended that you consult with the LGBTQ Health Pathway adviser and/or the pathway director if you are considering this.

When can I begin working on the required online modules?

Once you have been accepted to the Pathway and are given access you will be able to complete the modules right away.

If I am not a medical student, may I participate in some of the LGBTQ Health Pathway classes, activities or use the online modules?

Absolutely! The online modules are open to anyone with a UW NetID. Contact the LGBTQ Health Pathway advisor if you have trouble accessing the modules. FAMED 561, UCONJ 570, and UCONJ 624 are open to anyone who is interested in taking these courses.

When do I need to have the pathway requirements completed in order to get the LGBTQ Health Pathway mentioned in my Dean’s Letter?

You must have applied to LGBTQ Health Pathway and made significant progress in fulfilling the requirements by Sept. 1 of your 4th or final year of medical school in order for the pathway to be mentioned in your Dean’s letter.

When do I need to have the pathway requirements completed in order to receive my certificate of completion?

You must have all of the LGBTQ Health Pathway requirements completed no later than the last day of March preceding graduation.

Do I have to identify as LGBTQ to participate in this pathway?

No. In selecting LGBTQ Health Pathway cohorts we are striving to create a group that is diverse in identities, personal experiences, and first-year sites. Anyone interested in LGBTQ Health is encouraged to apply.

If I have any questions, who can I contact?

Please contact Dr. Corinne Heinen.