We have just begun our Winter/Spring WAG Series, if you are interested in participating, please email Callie Hunter.

The purpose of the WAG Series is to provide an opportunity for UW Medicine community members to:

  • Cultivate connections in the service of moving the UWM community towards an antiracist identity and practices. 
    Participants will meet with the same small cohort of colleagues for all sessions, building trust and community over time.
  • Stay informed and responsive to the ongoing needs of our BIPOC colleagues within the UWM system. 
    The WAG sessions will be informed by affinity group sessions for our Black, LatinX, Native Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Islander, Indigenous, LGBTQIA2S, and other marginalized colleagues.
  • Learn about important topics related to antiracism, diversity, equity and inclusion. 
    Each session will introduce a different learning topic about which participants will be asked to prepare to discuss in advance.
  • Make personal behavior change commitments with action-oriented colleagues.  
    Each session will begin with a review of last session’s commitments and end with personal action commitments for the next month.
  • Improve capacity to talk directly and authentically about racism and oppression in support of BIPOC colleagues. 
    WAG sessions will emphasize how to speak up and talk to others in ways that are healing and not harming.

The WAG is not a book club or an emotional support group, and it does not replace the other efforts of the Office of Healthcare Equity to provide diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice training throughout the system.  WAG is a space for folx to work together to learn, challenge, and support each other in the hard work of personal and collective growth towards antiracist identities and behavior.

There are 4 sessions to follow the introduction, the session topics are listed below and will fall on the 4th Tuesday of the month from 3:30-5:00pm (February 27, March 26, April 23, May 28).

Session 1- Introduction

  • Complete a full daily audit and consider other: Action Items

Session 2- Anxiety, Fragility, Discomfort

Session 3- Understanding Intersectionality and Privilege

Optional pieces:

Session 4 – How to apologize

Optional longer piece:

Session 5- Making mistakes when trying to be antiracist

WAG Facilitator Team

  • Jonathan Kanter
  • Clifton Kelly
  • Ceradwen Tokheim
  • Ruth Foster-Koth
  • Jon Anscher
  • Callie Hunter
  • Jonathon Clark
  • Chris Ijiomah
  • Ellison Fidler
  • Elisa Clegg
  • Lori Joubert
  • Amanda Potter
  • Kelly Carter
  • Drew Paxton
  • Carrie Campbell
  • Megan Mason
  • Rick Goss
  • Keri Nasenbeny
  • Diane Vreyens
  • Laura Zaugg
  • Amy Law
  • Sarah Prager
  • Matt Nichols
  • Jes Olson
  • Natalie McCarthy
  • Christine King