White Anti-Racism Group (WAG)

WAG originated as part of a series of caucuses in response to the killing of George Floyd in Summer, 2020, in which UW Medicine’s colleagues came together to discuss how to support our Black colleagues and BIPOC community from a whiteness perspective. The current WAG is responsive to stated needs for more structured and ongoing peer-led efforts to help our community better understand antiracism and support each other in becoming more antiracist without having to burden non-white colleagues for this support.

In parallel with affinity groups, the WAG is important as an explicit opportunity for our colleagues who want to stand in solidarity with and support our BIPOC colleagues as we collectively work to become a more equitable, inclusive, and antiracist organization.

WAG may be beneficial to those who answer “yes” to any of the following:

  • Do you wonder how you fit in to UW Medicine’s commitment to being an antiracist institution?
  • Are you a UW Medicine community member who wishes to learn more about antiracism and deepen your engagement in antiracist work within our community, or in your home environment?
  • Would you like support and structure in learning and implementing antiracist action?
  • Do you want to be a part of a growing UW Medicine community working towards and calling for change?

We have multiple opportunities available, learn more about them:

If you have questions, please contact callieh@uw.edu.

The Office of Healthcare Equity has the affinity groups for colleagues convening to provide supportive and protected spaces for members of different groups to connect and support each other.

  • Black,
  • LatinX,
  • Indigenous,
  • Native Hawaiian,
  • Asian and Pacific Islander,
  • LGBTQIA2s+ colleagues

If you are looking to join a different affinity group that you identify with, please visit our affinity groups webpage, here.