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STAY TUNED! The Office of Healthcare Equity is actively working to publish the results in order to promote action planning, while ensuring confidentiality of the information. We will be updating this site periodically to reflect our progress.

The Office of Healthcare Equity launched an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Survey to better understand the progress and roadblocks our organization has encountered toward becoming a more anti-racist organization. The survey was offered in six languages including Amharic, Chinese, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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10,000+ responses
40% Response rate

Link coming Soon – 2023 UW Medicine EDI Survey Report

Coming Soon – 2023 Medicine EDI Survey Report Summary and images

EDI Survey Task Force

Leo Morales, Assistant Dean, Office of Healthcare Equity
Aric Ho, Director of Operations, Office of Healthcare Equity
Callie Hunter, Project Manager, Office of Healthcare Equity
Katina Maier, Chief of HR, Valley Med
Maria Zontine, Director of HR, School of Medicine
Nicki McCraw, Associate VP of HR, UW Medicine
Martine Pierre-Louis, Director of EDI, Harborview
Anne Browning, Assistant Dean of Well-being, School of Medicine
Andres Barria, Co-Chair EDI Committee, Basic Sciences
Dan Cabrera, Dept. of Medicine EDI Chair
Keri Nasenbeny, Chief Nursing Officer, UW Medicine
Jason Deen, Vice Chair of Peds EDI, UW Medicine
Sheryl Burgstahler, IT Accessibility, UW
Bree Callahan, ADA Coordinator, UW
Jonathan Kanter, Behavioral Scientist, Office of Healthcare Equity
Sean Johnson, TGNB Program Director, Office of Healthcare Equity
Trish Kritek, Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
Elaine Acacio, EDI Director, UW Medicine
Glenn Bieler, Director of Strategic Marketing & Comms
Allison Osenar, Sr. Director Patient Experience
Jay Sandel, Interim Chief Nursing Officer, Harborview
Chantal Cayo, Chief Nursing Officer, UW Medicine Primay Care
Angela Moore, Associate Dean, School of Medicine Operations
Cindy Sayre, Chief Nursing Officer, UW Medicine
Jennifer Best, Associate Dean for GME
Sean Greenlee, DEI Program Manager, Dept of Medicine